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Each seawall is unique to the waterfront and customer needs; however, each wall begins with a water permeable fabric barrier and a large stone baseline to establish integrity for a long lasting wall. Typical rock size can range from  6" to 24" in diameter, but we projects with rocks up to 5' in diameter. See examples of the glacial stone used on our projects page

Stone Steps

Stone staircases are great additions to waterfront projects or for entrances to beaches, backyard patios, or uneven landscapes. These steps come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and can be natural stone or man made through moulds. Standard snapped steps are typically 18" wide and can be 3',4', or 5' in length. For more examples on steps, take a look at our projects page.



Aside from seawalls and stone steps we provide different opinions to add uniqueness to your property. Such options are beaches, back fill, and retaining walls to name a few. For more examples on landscaping, take a look at our projects page.

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